Xo Balm Multipurpose Natural Balm

Xo Balm Multipurpose Natural Balm


XO Balm Multipurpose Natural Balm

XO Balm provides your skin with a natural, matte and water-resistant barrier for instant, comforting relief from dry, cracking skin, chapped lips, eczema, or whenever your skin needs extra protection.


XO Balm is formulated without parabens, petroleum or fragrance, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skins and those suffering with skin conditions such as contact dermatitis.


XO Balm is made from an effective combination of four 100% natural ingredients which are a blend of 'skin identical' oils and protective waxes to help strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Beautifully nourishing and hydrating, a little goes a long way! With the simple goal of keeping skin healthy and protected, XO Balm can be used on the face, body, hands & feet and even for styling hair.


Sustainably packaged in a metal tin, XO Balm is as kind to the planet as it is to skin. Cruelty-free and against animal testing. Available in a 45g metal tin with wooden scoop, and mirror inside the lid for applications on-the-go.