COVID 19 Health and Safety procedures for Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Clients.


The procedures outlined in this paper are to be adopted by all clients whilst attending Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies for an appointment at 26a High Street, Bridge, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 5JZ.  The term ‘Client’ includes anyone entering the premises who is not an employee of Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Limited.

These procedures will be reviewed regularly following any change of advice and guidance being amended from the current requirements given by Government and Health officials.

Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Limited have undertaken a risk assessment indicating the additional risks associated with COVID 19 and have based the outcome of the risk assessment on condition that all clients will follow the guidance given below. 

Failure to follow these procedures will put the delegate and others at risk.


Contact with Surfaces: Clients are to ensure that they avoid touching any surfaces, such as doors and handrails, as much as possible.  Surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day by Woodlands staff with disinfectant wipes/spray, as the risk of infection is increased greatly by touching surfaces immediately following contact by others that may be infected. It would be helpful therefore, if delegates avoid touching surfaces wherever possible.

In order to minimise contact with surfaces, all light switches will be turned on by a member of Woodlands staff before clients enter the premises.  All internal doors are to remain open at all times whilst there are people occupying the premises.  Windows will be opened to allow movement of air within the building.  Again, any windows being opened or closed will be undertaken by a member of Woodlands staff.  Fans are not to be used until further notice.

Personal Protective Equipment: Face masks, which are fit for the purpose, used as instructed and disposed of in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, will need to be provided by the client, Masks will be available to purchase on arrival for £1.00. Clients will be expected to wear a mask at all times during their service.

Note: The guidance currently being given by health advisors is that as soon as a mask is removed, it needs to be disposed of and replaced.  This could result in the client needing several masks throughout the service.  Also, the client is advised not to touch the outside of the mask. Clients are therefore advised to bring sufficient masks for their anticipated needs.

Temperature Testing: Clients will be required to have their temperature taken immediately upon entry into the building. The method of measurement is not intrusive and will be undertaken by a member of Woodlands staff using a touchless type thermometer and the results will be recorded on the client’s health questionnaire.  Clients showing a temperature of more than 100.4°F/38°C will be asked to leave the premises.

Social Distancing: Social distancing measures (two metres) are always to be maintained, unless a service prevents this, in which case masks must be worn.  It is acknowledged that the social distancing rule of 2 metres would need to be relaxed during emergency evacuation procedures.

Appropriate barriers (if needed), screens (if needed) and floor markings showing safe 2 metre boxes have been installed to assist in maintaining social distancing and must not be circumnavigated.  Clients must not move chairs during their service and stay in one place.

Clients will enter the building when told to do so by the receptionist, they must wait outside by the door until told otherwise. Clients will not be allowed to enter the building before 9 am.  Clients will be required to enter the premises individually to allow temperatures to be taken at the front door.  If necessary, clients will need to queue 2 metres apart outside the building.

Clients must come to their appointment alone and not to bring anyone else with you or children. Children's appointments must be accompanied by only ONE adult.

No Client will be allowed to enter the building if they are experiencing any vulnerable problem that will put them at increased risk.  These vulnerable problems would include, amongst other things, respiratory conditions.

Handwashing and Sanitising: Regular hand washing, following hygiene guidelines, must be undertaken regularly.  Signs displaying the hand washing procedures are posted in the washrooms and delegates will be expected to follow this advice. Clients must sanitise hands upon arrival and when leaving the salon. Hand Sanitiser will be provided at the front of the salon and at their chairs for use when they feel they need to use it.

Refreshment facilities are not to be offer by Woodlands employees, but clients are welcome to bring their own refreshments.

Becoming unwell whilst at the salon: If a client starts to feel unwell whilst attending an appointment, in particular if they think they have any symptoms associated with COVID 19, they should inform the stylist/therapist immediately and leave the premise and return home to self-isolate for the required period of time. 

Further guidance: Further guidance can be found on the Government website, in particular the advice given in the document ‘Working safely during COVID 19 in offices and contact centres’

Non-Compliance with these Procedures: Clients entering into Woodland Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Limited are expected to act responsibly and follow the procedures outlined in this paper, together with Government and Health and Safety guidelines, without being further instructed to do so.  However, should there be any breach, or allegation of such, the matter will be fully investigated, and appropriate sanctions implemented as necessary.

Woodlands will remind clients of these ‘COVID 19 requirements for clients’ before any service commences. Any client unwilling to comply with the procedures will be required to leave the premises.


The continued health and welfare of Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Limited and staff is of paramount importance and these procedures are to be implemented to ensure the safety of oneself and others nearby.

Stacey Smith

Managing Director

Woodlands Hair, Beauty and Holistic Therapies Limited

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